Amazing News! Yesterday, after two weeks of storms, snow and wind preventing progress, the team finally managed to safely ascend “the ramp”, summit Harris Peak, and even haul some of the equipment and supplies to the new high point!

Here is a quick update from Expedition Leader Paul Hart:

“We split into two teams – one team without pulks to go forward and scout the route up the ramp to identify any obvious dangers and to look for a suitable Camp.

The team did a really good job of doing this breaking through the snow and setting a trail which took a line up to a saddle just below Harris Peak. They then continued on and summitted Harris Peak which was a significant achievement.

The remainder of the team started load carrying with pulks up the route set by the first team. This was extremely hard work as the incline was 30 degrees on the slope and it took several hours of significant effort to haul the rations fuel and equipment up to the highpoint established by the first team.

The view from this high point was amazing looking back down over the train towards the camp and also Portal Point much further beyond in the distance. As the teams made their way up the ramp they were surrounded by seracs of snow and ice that towered above them to the left and right. The fantastic panorama was a fitting reward for all the hard work done join the day.”

Many thanks to all of our friends, sponsors and supporters who are backing the Antarctic Quest 21 expedition, including:

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Challenging Habitat

“Dr Charlotte Braungardt is a freelance environmental scientist working through her consultancy Challenging Habitat. She is the scientific advisor for the Antarctic Quest 21 expedition.”

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