Sponsors & Associates

Sponsors & Associates

Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope GCB OBE ADC

Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope GCB OBE ADC

As the Patron of Paul Hart’s last Expedition to Antarctica in 2012 I know, first-hand, the significant benefits of such ventures. They firstly conduct scientific research in areas never previously explored and in doing so, amongst other things, heighten awareness of global warming and the spread of pollution. They achieve discovery in areas never visited. Whilst walking in their predecessor’s footsteps they rightfully draw attention to the heroic achievements of their forbearers . Finally, the character building of everyone in the team in the most challenging of environments is of huge and enduring value to the Armed Services and the organisations in which they are employed. Expedition Antarctic Quest 2021 is such an adventure. I commend it to you and ask that you support it in whatever way you can.

Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope GCB OBE DL

Elliot Brown

Our Thanks to Elliot Brown Watches – providers of the toughest watches on the planet.



NAAFI - Navy, Army & Air Force Institutes


Since NAAFI was created in 1920 we have supported the British Forces at home and abroad during peace and conflict, providing a ‘taste of home’ to our Forces and their families. We continue this important welfare service in Germany, Gibraltar, Brunei, the South Atlantic Islands, on-board HM Ships and on exercise and operations across the world. Over the years we have evolved to also provide soft facilities management services (SFMS) which include retail, catering, mess services, cleaning, administration, coffee shops, pubs, mobile wagons and 24hr vending. As the MOD’s in-house provider, NAAFI stands ready to deploy at short notice on operations or exercises to provide a valued service where and when our service personnel need it most.

Team Ethos
We’re proud to support the Antarctica Quest 21 Expedition.

When our friend and colleague Paul Hart approached us about sponsoring this critically important expedition, we didn’t hesitate for a second. But we did have one request: we also wanted to join and support the effort on the ice. After all, this expedition will be defined by two things that Polar Latitudes has always been passionate about –a relentless desire to explore and discover, and a deep respect for the Antarctic environment, as evidenced by our own Citizen Science program.

The fact that this journey will be building upon the incredible legacy of Sir Ernest Shackleton was just one more reason we couldn’t say no, as we’ll be launching our own Shackleton’s Final Quest Voyage (currently waitlisted) this upcoming season.

It’s an honor to support this historic effort, in any and every way we can.

We are proud to support the Expedition Antarctic Quest 21 in commemoration of the life of Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton and in support of the scientific research and exploration.

Shackleton Whisky is pleased to provide the toast whisky in homage to the legacy of Sir Ernest Shackleton at the commemoration service on 5th January 2022.

Shackleton Whisky is based on the spirit personally ordered by Sir Ernest Shackleton to bolster team spirit on his Antarctic expedition (Nimrod, 1907), later discovered a century later frozen into the ice beneath Shackleton’s base camp.

Dr. Imogen Napper has kindly written a letter highlighting the importance of this expedition. She is a research fellow of the University of Plymouth and is researching international marine litter. More information can be found here.

The Royal Geographic Society are proud to provide expertise and guidance for Antarctic Quest 21.

From Jan Chojecki, grandson of John Quiller Rowett, principal backer of the 1921 Shackleton-Rowett Expedition:

John Quiller Rowett was particularly keen that the Shackleton-Rowett Expedition 1921-1922 should conduct valuable scientific research and it’s great to see the breadth, relevance and quality of the information that the AntarcticQuest21 team will generate. My grandfather would undoubtedly have approved. Like the fourth presence in the South Georgia crossing, we will be willing them on every step of the way.

As Sir Ernest Shackleton wrote in a letter to my grandmother, 18 July 1921, “Never the Lowered Banner, Never the Lost Endeavour!

Good luck on your expedition and our faculty-students look forward to future research collaborations on the project.

CeraPhi is a clean energy technology business supporting the energy transition in the fight against Climate Change delivering innovative clean energy solutions from the heat beneath our feet in deep geothermal, we are a race to zero ESG focused business and very keen to support awareness in the impacts of climate change so supporting the science efforts and educational aspects of this expedition is completely in line with the companies ethical mandate and we wish Paul and the team a safe and magical Antarctic Quest

Antarctic Quest 21 are delighted to have the support from Dr Pippa Whitehouse who is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography.

I’m really excited that the team have an opportunity to visit this remote site where a GPS receiver is deployed to record glacial rebound. The site is powered by solar panels and wind turbines, and there is a satellite antenna set up to transfer data in real-time, but unfortunately a key component of the instrument is broken and needs replacing. What would usually be a simple repair is very challenging when the instrument is perched on the edge of a mountain in Antarctica! I wish the team every success.

Antarctic Quest 21 are delighted to have the support of BetterYou on their expedition.

Wear more and wash your clothes less with Polygiene.

The benefits to the environment cannot be overstated. Reducing the number of fibres and contaminants that enter the water table from washing clothes is essential to creating a sustainable future for all of us. Polygiene are committed to making this difference become a reality.