Shackleton’s entire Antarctic career was marked by strange episodes of weakness, breathlessness, and other incapacitating symptoms. His near-superhuman feats coexisted, according to expedition notes, with an occasional inability to stand on his own. While his early death has been widely attributed to heart disease brought on by years of heavy smoking, Shackleton’s intermittent bouts of weakness in his youth have intrigued historians, doctors, and armchair medical detectives for decades.

Antarctic Quest team however will do things differently. Due to the physical demands of the expedition, the deployment team will be consuming a high calorie diet, containing macro and micronutrients to support health, performance and recovery. In addition, the team will be taking supplements where needed, to avoid potential deficiencies which may lead to fatigue or any other symptoms. Read more Ernest Shackleton and the reasons for his weaker episodes at

Ernest Shackleton, Captain Robert Falcon Scott, and Edward Wilson (right to left) as they were preparing to explore the Ross Ice Shelf as part of the British National Antarctic Expedition in November 1902. UNIDENTIFIED PHOTOGAPHER, NATIONAL LIBRARY OF NEW ZEALAND/PUBLIC DOMAIN

The second of our expedition videos is now available – – it is a riveting watch as it includes original footage of Shackleton and his expeditions, as well as an interview with his Granddaughter and our Patron, the Hon. Alexandra Shackleton. This is the main reason for the name of our expedition to commemorate Shackleton.

The first of our “Shackleton Commemoration Expedition – Antarctic Quest 21” films –


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