Antony Jinman, a fellow of The Royal Geographic Society, is most widely recognised for being the 12th Britain to have skied to the Geographic North Pole and skied solo to the Geographic South Pole. As a qualified International Mountain Leader(IML), Antony has led teams in all manner of challenging environments, not just the Polar Regions. He has been team leader for seismic survey teams operating in Libya, Egypt, Kurdistan, Yemen; operating on the ground since 2007 to manage both safety and performance. Antony’s ability to manage the performance of these survey teams was gained as a result of his Service in the Royal Navy, where he was a surveyor himself in HMS SCOTT.

After leaving the navy, Antony set himself the task of becoming a Polar Explorer and he achieved that dream in 2010, aged 29 years by reaching the North Pole. Antony founded ‘Education Through Expeditions’ or ETE, a social enterprise that promotes Polar Science and Education within schools. It also seeks to raise the aspirations of young people of all ages and increase awareness of the effects of climate change and sustainability in the Polar Regions. As a result of his commitment to developing others, Antony was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Education (Ed.D) from the University of the West of England. Antony is a Fellow of the Sir Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and is supported by them for his work in promoting Inuit Culture and the Polar environment within schools.

To celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee, Antony made an ascent of the highest point in the Queen Elizabeth Islands and held the most remote Diamond Jubilee Tea Party. This expedition brought together the Anglo-Canadian cultures and celebrated them both. The expedition was recognised by the Queen herself and gained Antony Royal Patronage from HRH The Prince of Wales. Antony is keen to promote the expedition through his most recent enterprise, ‘,’ which links those in education with mentors and individuals whose careers may be the aspiration of those in study.

Antony Jinman


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